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Clean Water

North Carolina’s 2nd district is home to three of North Carolina’s major rivers: the Tar, the Neuse, and the Cape Fear. These waterways are a vital part of our state’s culture, economy, and environment. Most importantly, their watersheds provide drinking water for millions of North Carolinians. In our district, agricultural runoff continues to pollute creeks and streams, costing taxpayers more money every time they turn on the tap. In Congress, I will support increasing funding to the USDA’s Natural Resource Conservation Program to help farmers establish added green space along creeks and streams. This win-win program will reduce runoff, restore the natural beauty of our waterways, and support North Carolina’s farmers.

Clean Energy

North Carolina is the second largest producer of solar power in the United States, and much of that energy is generated right here in our district. Our solar industry has consistently grown due to high demand, low cost, and state and federal tax incentives. Clean energy creates new jobs and encourages new investments. With federal tax credits on renewable energy expiring in 2019, and the president’s tariffs on solar equipment hurting the industry’s growth, I will support the bipartisan effort to renew the clean energy tax incentives and repeal the solar tariffs.


Since its inception, the Land and Water Conservation Fund has provided almost $250 million in investments in North Carolina’s prized lands and waters, including 50 projects in Wake County, 12 projects in Harnett County, 9 projects in Johnston County, and 6 projects in Wilson County. This Fund must be renewed every few years and is under almost constant threat from outside interests. In Congress, I will support permanent funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund so future generations can enjoy the same outdoor spaces we enjoy today.

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